We're Different

4serve set out to change the cleaning industry in the north of England. A bold and brave claim for a new company, but one that we are achieving. How?  By using our 4PointPromise to do things differently.

we personalise

We Personalise

We focus on you and your needs, your satisfaction and retention is paramount to us. Through our processes and people we will discuss your needs at length and then build a service around them. We offer a total commitment to the client.

we monitor

We Monitor

Through our cloud-based systems we can pre-empt issues before you encounter them. Real-time access to daily and weekly cleaning reports and quality indicators, down to the detailed level of all items on every commercial cleaning schedule help us monitor your service.

we communicate

We Communicate

The way we communicate isn't just about communication with our clients, it includes our staff. Through SmartServe, we can communicate effectively across all parties, this is what gives our service credibility over our competitors.

we care

We Care

Running a business and getting staff to care as much as we do, is not easy. We put an enormous amount of effort in motivating and caring for our staff so they really do care about giving your business the best possible service. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

4serve is a young commercial cleaning services company. We offer cleaning services across many areas including offices, restaurants, bars, leisure facilities. But so do many others, so why should you consider us for your commercial cleaning contract?

Our directors have over twenty years experience each in providing services to commercial and industrial clients.  Currently, group businesses have over 4,000 clients and the business succeeds because a solid commitment to providing a constant high quality of service is at the heart of the company.  Customer satisfaction and retention is key. 

Our directors entered the commercial cleaning sector after exhaustive research found an industry that commonly accepts a high churn of customer contracts, had low customer satisfaction, employees that were not engaged in either their company or committed to the interests of the client. Employee morale was low, and, most important of all, poor communications between company, client and employees is common place. 


The cleaning business is not rocket science.  Neither is it primarily about cleaning.  It is about people.  How they are motivated, trained, feel involved and how much they care.  The only way to provide job satisfaction in a role that is essentially manual labour is to give them pride in their work.

4serve’s group companies have a customer churn of less than 7% annually (over 4,000 clients) and 4serve has less than a 3% annual churn.  Cleaning industry competitors commonly accept a churn of over 20% annually.

We invest great effort in training people, engaging with them to create pride in 4serve and a commitment to the client’s cleaning needs.  That takes time and resources but produces employees that take a greater pride in their work that results in a higher standard of service to the client.  Incumbent employees who join us via TUPE obligations commonly comment on how surprising it is that they are given much more attention, both pastoral and working method training.



4serve Systems and Technology 

4serve has invested substantial resources, both management and financial, in building unique bespoke systems that are the core of our operational methods.  This is a cloud-based system that everyone has access to, depending upon their role, and which integrates every aspect of the operation. 

It allows us constant real-time access to daily and weekly cleaning reports and quality indicators, down to the detailed level of all items on every commercial cleaning schedule.  This information can be shared with the client and ensures a swift response to any issues.

Digital devices allow field roaming use of all system information.  Site supervisors are equipped with tablets that allow employee time reporting, site quality indicators, summary reports and a constant link to their supervising managers.  The managers in turn have access to all site information in real-time and can respond to any client request or complaint instantly, having the information they need always to hand.

More importantly, it ensures we have advanced notice of any deficiencies and more often than not pre-empt any problems before the client is aware.  A world away from our competitors who seem to leave their site operatives to their own devices and the quality of service then becomes a matter of luck, relying upon the personal commitment, or not, of the employee. 4serve’s managers manage the quality of service delivery – not our site operatives.

We are also pioneering the use of robotic equipment to increase the number of tasks possible within the contracted hours.

Why Us?

Although growing rapidly, 4serve is a young company.  We cannot yet offer the comfort of a nationwide operation, or a client list as large as our biggest industry competitors.

We aim NEVER to lose your business! 

Simple to say, difficult to do, but we’ve proved it for many clients who now wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.


We offer a total commitment to the client. A promise based, not on words, but upon a way of operating that is very different to our competitors.  The commitment and investment to our people and systems mean the promise is real, not a slogan. 




You won’t find us squeezing your requirements into a standard operating procedure. An open and honest discussion of the hours needed to do the job are key to you understanding what you are paying for.

How We Work

We take time to understand the precise nature of your business and what commercial cleaning services you need from us. We actually listen.  Every client and every quotation is different. We give you a detailed breakdown so you are able to compare us with the competition.

Yes, we sometimes make mistakes, everyone does from time to time, but we move like lightening to put things right and make sure they don’t happen twice. We’ve several decades of experience.  We know how to look after our clients and keep them. Put your business in our hands and we will be determined to keep you as a client for years to come.

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss your commercial cleaning requirements please do so either via 'Contact Us' page. 

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"We are very impressed with 4serve's cleaning services"
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