OUR four point promise...

We Personalise We Personalise
We Monitor We Monitor
We Communicate We Communicate
We Care We Care
We Personalise
Cleaning Services Focussed on YOUR Needs
97% of Our Customers Stay With Us Each Year

Our directors entered the commercial cleaning sector and after exhaustive research found an industry that commonly accepts a high churn of customer contracts, had low customer satisfaction, employees that were not engaged in either their company or committed to the interests of the client.

In an industry where 20% churn is seen as acceptable, we are setting out to change that. A bold and brave claim for a new company, but one that we are achieving.

We focus on you and your needs, your satisfaction and retention is paramount to us. Through our processes and people we will discuss your needs at length and then build a service around them. We offer a total commitment to the client.

Read more about how we do this through 'Our People'.  

We Monitor
Monitoring The Delivery of Your Service
Through our cloud-based systems we can pre-empt issues before you encounter them

4serve has invested substantial resources, both management and financial, in building unique bespoke systems that are the core of our operational methods.  This is a cloud-based system that everyone has access to, depending upon their role, and which integrates every aspect of the operation. 

It allows us constant real-time access to daily and weekly cleaning reports and quality indicators, down to the detailed level of all items on every commercial cleaning schedule.  This information can be shared with the client and ensures a swift response to any issues.

We can make mistakes! But in acting quickly to rectify any problem, we have always pleased clients with our response and commitment to putting any issues right quickly and efficiently.

We Communicate
The way we communicate

Every cleaning contract we gain where we replace an incumbent competitor, the client has the same list of comments, complaints and reasons to seek a change of cleaning company:

‘We never see anyone from the company’

‘The operatives rarely see any manager and if they do, it is only a flying visit.’

‘The cleaning operatives don’t know, or care, who they are working for’.

‘We don’t know who to talk to in the cleaning company if we have any issues’.

‘Any comments or complaints take ages to resolve’.

‘We’ve never had any review to ensure we are happy with the service’.

‘Our only contact to resolve any issues is the supervisor on site’.

4serve is different. We are earning a great reputation because none of our clients has ever said these things about our service. We invest great effort in training people, engaging with them to create pride in 4serve and a commitment to the client’s cleaning needs.

The way we communicate isn't just about communication with our clients, it includes our staff. Through SmartServe, we can communicate effectively across all parties, this is what gives our service credibility over our competitors.

We Care
Everyone Promises You Excellence...

It's really caring that makes us different

Do you really get what you pay for? Is the cheapest cleaning quote the worst? How do you decide? Who can you rely upon?

In choosing us, you will be in very good company. We have very satisfied clients. We understand customer service. In fact we live and breathe it.

Running a business and getting staff to care as much as we do, is not easy.

We put an enormous amount of effort in motivating and caring for our staff so they really do care about giving your business the best possible service. Find our more about 'Our People'.

Simple to say, difficult to do, but we’ve proved it for many clients who now wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Still not convinced? Take a look at what some our current clients say about the way we operate in 'Our Work'.

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4serve Commercial Contract Cleaning

We're Different

Yes, really! No empty promises about how wonderful our commercial cleaning services are, it’s the WAY we work that is different.

We tailor our cleaning service to your precise needs, communicate professionally and regularly with you to address any concerns and use state-of-the-art systems to monitor work on your site. These provide you with real time reports so you know what cleaning has been undertaken, by whom and when.

We also have a very different attitude and approach from other cleaning companies to employing our hundreds of staff. We work constantly to involve and motivate them and ensure they care about you and your premises. Our clients tell us that it works!

Cleaning may be an ordinary task, but our service is extraordinary. 4serve directors have been providing services to commercial and industrial clients for over twenty years each, we know what works for our clients. But it’s not all about the cleaning! What really matters is people; the people we work with and the people we employ. We make sure all our staff have pride in their work and they will be proud to give you a top notch service because we’ve given them the latest training, involved them in decision making and supported their needs.

Safety First

As part of our commitment to providing you with the best service, you can be assured we are a cleaning company that is fully compliant with health and safety regulations, as well as the latest best-practice industry standards. We’re ISO accredited, which is a globally recognised standard that means we’re committed to important things like employee development, health and safety, environmental standards and using systems and processes that ensure our communication to you is efficient and clear.

As an approved Safe Contractor, we’ve been assessed for our health and safety practices and passed with flying colours. Our professional cleaners follow these standards at your premises to ensure they can offer cleaning services with a reduced risk of injury or damage to the location in which they work. We’re proud to be a member of the BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) which means we’re a cleaning business that adheres to the values of the industry and we have made a commitment to uphold those values in everything we do.

Tailor-made solutions

There are no set services packages with us. Your needs are as unique as your business, so we’ll take time to get to know you and your premises and build a service around you. We want you to remain our client for years to come, it’s less hassle for you that way too, so we promise to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations each and every time we visit.

Every member of our team manages and every cleaning contract uses our cloud-based systems. This allows us to deal with any issues before we have to bother you with them, as we have real time reports. Whether you need professional cleaning of a busy office, industrial cleaning, a restaurant or a museum, unlike many other cleaning companies, 4serve managers lead service delivery, not the site operatives. We respond to you in real time using the latest technology. If there is a last minute request or change in your schedule you can be rest assured we’re agile enough to respond in a timely way and without letting our high standards slip. 

Cleaning Innovation

Our use of technology doesn’t stop at project management. We use the best tools for the job at hand, helping us to do more for you within our contracted hours. Take the tricky task of cleaning escalators as an example. We use the TreadTEQ cleaning system that’s specifically designed for cleaning the treads thoroughly and much more efficiently than traditional methods. 

If your business premises have some hard to reach surfaces or windows with months worth of dust gathering, our Sky Vac system would be perfect for the job and it doesn’t require disruptive scaffolding being put up, helping to reduce the impact on the day to day running of your business. 

We also use a No Touch Deep Cleaning system, ideal for premises with high traffic toilet facilties, it uses high pressure water jets without the need for lots of chemicals, and leaves surfaces sanitized and cleaner than they’ve ever been. Our cleaning operatives using this system don’t have to touch any heavily soiled surfaces they are dealing with, making it safer for them and giving a great result for you.

Where We Work

We currently offer commercial cleaning services across the North of England within Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire and Northumberland. We operate regional teams with account managers, alongside mobile supervisors to ensure we maintain the high standards of service you deserve. 

The types of businesses we work with range from commercial offices, car showrooms, national restaurant chains and public buildings. Our growing list of satisfied customers say we work very closely with them and have some very nice things to say about the way we work.  Read their testimonials in 'Our Work'.

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